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Opioid Treatment Program  Compliance Experts

Had a poor inspection with findings and need help?  We can help.

Need help with CSOS, POA's, 222's or 41's?  We can help.

Concerned about a possible DEA visit to your OTP?  We can help.

Our teams of experts and SAC Wichern have been providing specialized DEA SAMHSA OTP compliance training to frontline OTP providers for the lst 15 years and since his retirement, now provides compliance OTP office reviews.  


SAC Wichern has lived through and experienced the full spectrum of the opioid epidemic during the last 20 years and now uses his knowledge to safeguard OTP providers so they can continue treat those suffering from OUD.

Our DEA focused compliance services are custom tailored to OTP’s and include a review of your medical policies and forms, procedures, charting, examinations, UDS’s,  subordinate employee roles and responsibilities, recordkeeping, inventory management, drug security and identification of potential red flag areas and more.

Our specialized audit procedures and checklists number over 100 key elements and are routinely updated, due to changes in regulations, statutes, and medical guidelines.  


At the end of a PDC review you’ll know where you stand, your compliance risks, and we’ll show you how to lower  your opioid risk to virtually zero.   No one can match our 30 years of compliance expertise and knowledge when it comes to the DEA and SAMHSA OTP regulations.

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OTP Owner – “The regulators came in and identified a number of issues during an inspection.  I hired Dennis who responded immediately and helped me correct the issues and my OTP has been issue free ever since.”

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