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DEA Mobile Anesthesia Compliance Consultants

Have questions on going mobile aka "The DEA Black Bag" policy?

We can help

Have a question about the latest DEA Black Bag regulations?  

We can help.

Just want to be sure you’re keeping the right DEA records?  

We can help.

Concerned about a possible DEA visit to your office because of? 

We can help.


Our teams of experts and SAC Wichern have been providing specialized DEA compliance training to front line pain [providers for the last 15 years and since his retirement, now provides DEA specific mobile anesthesia compliance reviews.  SAC Wichern has lived through and experienced the full spectrum of the opioid epidemic during the last 20 years and now uses his knowledge to safeguard providers who use controlled substances in their practices.

Our DEA focused compliance and recordkeeping services are custom tailored to mobile anethesia practices.  No one can match our 30 years of compliance expertise and knowledge when it comes to DEA regulations.

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