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DEA Pharmacy Compliance Consultants

Are you ready for a DEA or State pharmacy inspection?  

We can help.

Have questions about the latest on corresponding responsibility?  

We can help.

Just want to be sure all of your records are right?  

We can help.

Facing formulary challenges from your drug supplier?

We can help.

Our teams of experts and SAC Wichern have been providing specialized DEA pharmacy compliance consulting and training for the last 15 years to front line pharmacists and since his retirement, now provides pharmacy audits.  SAC Wichern has lived through and experienced the full spectrum of opioid and pain prescribing swings during the last 20 years and now uses this knowledge to safeguard pharmacies and pharmacists across the country.

Our DEA focused compliance services are custom tailored to your pharmacy and your specific patients which includes a review of your pharmacy policies and procedures, drug security and record keeping, drug ratio’s, identification of red flag areas, and more.

Our specialized audit procedures and checklists are routinely updated, due to changes in regulations, statutes, and pharmacy guidelines.  At the end of a PDC review you’ll know where you stand, your compliance risks, and we’ll show you how to lower  your opioid risk to virtually zero.   


No one can match our 30 plus years of DEA compliance expertise and knowledge on prescription opioids and pharmacy practice and how they specifically intersect with federal and state law.

Paramacist's Manual



Pharmacists – “Great review of DEA regulations and thorough process from a  DEA agent.  Hugely valuable to have gained his perspective.”

"Love him - he was the BEST - fun and engaging.  I love hearing non-pharmacists. Bring him back for updates."

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