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Global Opioid Risk Solutions for Healthcare Providers

The Protection & Piece of Mind Your Healthcare Organization Needs


Welcome to Prescription Drug Consulting

Our #1 priority is simple - ZERO OPIOID RISK.

PDC is a pioneering solution based organization specializing in opioid risk mitigation services through compliance audits, training, consulting and crisis management services.  From our “first of its kind” 100 + audit checklists to our cutting edge, field-proven training programs, PDC gives providers and healthcare organizations peace of mind solutions. 

Pioneering risk mitigation services and over 30 years of experience is behind PDC’s capacity to respond rapidly to an ever-changing opioid environment.  A world leader in the analysis of opioid risk and site-specific services, PDC continually develops and improves its proprietary processes to give providers and healthcare organizations the confidence and safety to run their organizations daily. 

Whenever there is a healthcare provider or organization crisis involving opioids, customers across the country turn to the experts at PDC for an immediate response and actionable insights to assist them in their decision making processes.  


Prescription Drug Consulting Services

Discover Our Expertise.

ASC, MAT, OTP, Pain & Pharmacy Compliance Audits

Our opioid compliance audit services are intense, detailed, all-encompassing and are tailored specifically to your ASC, MAT, OTP, pain practice or pharmacy.

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SAC Wichern is an accomplished speaker and storyteller who presents to hundreds of medical professionals across the country every year ranging from institutions like Harvard University, Northwestern University and Indiana University Medical Schools, along with several religious organizations.

Training & CME 

A risk based approach to prescribing controlled drugs from a law enforcement view. The objective is to present detailed information and practices to the prescriber to specifically reduce the risk of law enforcement interaction, particularly when prescribing opioids.

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Consulting, Investigations & Crisis Management

We have extensive experience in prescription drug investigations, crisis management and the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations. Bring your challenges to us and we will find the solution.


Dennis's presentation should be included every year. He was fantastic. The presentation was very useful and informative.

ASCA 2020 Virtual Conference & Expo Attendee "Is Your ASC Ready for a DEA Inspection?"