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PDC is a DEA compliance consulting and risk mitigation organization which focuses on pain and prescription opioids, SAMHSA MAT and OTP regulations, pharmacy and ASC operations, and drug researcher protocols.  From our “first of its kind” 100+ audit checklists, or our cutting-edge field-proven training programs, to our “get it fixed now” correction action plans, PDC gives providers and healthcare organizations peace of mind compliance solutions.

Pioneering compliance risk mitigation services and over 30 years of DEA experience supports PDC’s capacity to respond rapidly to an ever-changing opioid and regulatory environment. A world leader in the analysis of opioid compliance risk and site-specific services, PDC continually develops and improves its proprietary processes to provide healthcare organizations the confidence and safety to run their organizations daily.


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ASCA 2020 Virtual Conference & Expo Attendee "Is Your ASC Ready for a DEA Inspection?"

Dennis's presentation should be included every year. He was fantastic. The presentation was very useful and informative.